Untitled Portrait

Another untitled portrait, a woman’s face. A new media work derived from a recent drawing that measures 42x30cm, cropped, processed and edited with various iterations layered to create a new media version. First, the end result is shown and below that, you will see the original drawing.

Untitled Portrait, New Media, January 2017, Amy M. Adams

Untitled Portrait, Pastel and carbon on paper, 42x30cm, January 2017, Amy M. Adams

Thanks for taking the time to view my art, if you have any questions about my process, please leave a comment. If you want to see more work or stay in touch, please subscribe to my posts here on Niume. You can also find me on twitter @amyincluj, Instagram @amyincluj, and my websites -> http://angelsandicons.amyadamsart.com and http://amymarieadams.com

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3 thoughts on “Untitled Portrait

    1. Hi @theartdive first of course the drawing, then photographing the drawing, cropping the pic, then I ran the image through google’s deep dream algorithm using a variety of filters – usually 20-30 different filters/iterations – depending on what’s coming up – a lot aren’t useful – download the best images that I feel have potential either clarity or colour then find a middle ground (the resolution of the iterations is pretty low) between the original drawing image and the filtered versions and then start editing the layers – adjusting contrast, colours etc. sometimes more filters usually at this point not as many – layering them in GIMP (you could use illustrator or photoshop but I use opensource GIMP) playing with transparency between the original drawing and one of the filtered images and then if something works create a new layer and then play with that layer’s tranparency maybe with another filtered image….am I boring you to tears? 🙂 it’s an experimental process – I’ve been evolving this technique for about 1.5 years now since I learned about deepdream when it was released in June/July 2015. Meaning that I can see by sight now what will work well with the original and what won’t. Hope that helps to explain and appreciate you asking.

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