Looking through some art photos – too many are too blurry to share and was slightly disappointed and then came across Haniel and decided to share this pastel drawing today. Haniel is said to be one of the archangels in some of the lists of angels. I didn’t know much about Haniel at all, at the time of this drawing, but heard someone speak of this angel. Thus, this is my interpretation of what Haniel might look like.

Haniel, pastel on paper, c. 2012, Amy M. Adams

Haniel (Hebrew: הניאל‎, “Joy of God” or Hebrew: חַנִּיאֵל‎, “Grace of God”), also known as Anael.

You can learn more about Haniel here:



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Originally posted on Niume, you find me there by following the source link below:

Source: Haniel


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