Dom and his Mom from the Angels & Icons Art Series

Over the last few months I have been painting various icons with Saints from various christian faiths. The first requirement is that there is a bizarre or highly unusual story surrounding the Saint. The second requirement is that the icons break from tradition. This is the story of one of the Saint Dominics (there are a lot of saints with the same names.) He is typically known as the person who started the Order of Preachers also known as the Dominican order but that’s not so unusual. He was chosen for this series because it is said that his mother, Blessed Juana of Aza (a/k/a Joan of Aza) prayed to Saint Dominic of Silos who is the patron saint of pregnant women (he is also the patron saint against rabies; against rabid dogs; against insects; captives; prisoners; shepherds.) According to the Golden Legend when she was pregnant with Dominic she had a dream of a dog leaping from her womb with a torch in its mouth. The torch was a symbol that he would spread ‘light’ around the world.

Detail from the icon of the dog with a flaming torch
He is the first saint in the series that is not recognised by the majority of Christian religions that recognize saints. He is recognised by the Anglican church, Lutheranism, and Roman Catholicism. Saint Dominic de Guzman was canonised by Pope Gregory IX on July 13th, 1234. He is the patron saint of astronomers, the Dominican Republic, falsely accused people and scientists. Here I have chosen to show him as a boy.
Detail from the icon Dom and his Mom
Blessed Juana of Aza is shown as ‘street art’ in this work and the image of her is inspired by an image of her from a booklet (missal) that contains the texts used in the Catholic Mass.Following is another image of Blessed Juana of Aza shown with 2 of her children. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and view my art. You can find more icons from Angels and Icons series on a website dedicated to the project here. Also if you want to see more art please subscribe to my posts here. You can also find me on twitter, Instagram and on my website here.#joanofaza #juanadeaza #blessed #saintdominic #dominic #angelsandicons #art #artwork #adamsart #amyincluj #artmatters #iconart #kunst #kunstwerk #arta #arte #paintedicons #saints #sainticons #modernart #contemporaryart #visualarts —–Here are some of the many links that tell their stories and tales:The Golden Legend – Dominic of Silos – of Aza – Dominic de Guzman –

Source: Dom and his Mom from the Angels & Icons Art Series